Jennifer Adkins Schudrowitz, P.G. – Edwards Aquifer Authority

Jennifer Adkins Schudrowitz, P.G.

I chose to enter the STEM field because these careers are among the fastest growing and most innovative fields. STEM careers also promote transferable skills that encourage a high level of problem-solving techniques, technical skills, and critical thinking which are beneficial for any career. STEM fields generally focus on real world applications and subjects like geology which have always been of interest to me. Geology was a natural choice for me as I have always appreciated the innate beauty of the earth; not just rocks and minerals but the structure, history, and the processes that act on it. While working on a research project for my master’s degree, I became fascinated with the unique karst system that makes up the Edwards Aquifer. I also love being outdoors and as a hydrogeologist at the EAA, I routinely conduct field and experimental

investigations which allow me to work outdoors. Some of the best advice I received early in my career was from my thesis advisor and mentor, Dr. John Van Brahana. He routinely encourages his students to focus our efforts on what we are passionate about, saying “love what you do, and you will make a difference.” I am passionate about my work at the EAA and a career in public service because the organizational mission and core values of the EAA ensure that natural resources, like the Edwards Aquifer are shared equitably and used wisely. I feel a sense of accomplishment through my work as a hydrogeologist, knowing that the scientific data and information gathered through our work on the Aquifer Science team is used to establish the sound science-driven foundation on which all EAA regulation is based.

In a continued response to Covid-19, the EAA will remain working in a telecommuting manner until further notice.
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