Monthly Calibrated Rain Maps – Edwards Aquifer Authority

Precipitation data is gathered from the EAA’s network of rain gauge stations and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather stations located throughout the region. This map shows the locations of the EAA’s rain gauge system located in the drainage area, Recharge Zone and Artesian Zone. Once collected, data is shared with other official entities, such as the National Weather Service (NWS). Rain gauge data are used by the EAA and the NWS to calibrate hourly NEXRAD radar rainfall data to obtain accurate rainfall estimates for anywhere in the Edwards Aquifer region. The calibrated NWS radar rain maps are available online to the public. The EAA uses this information to help calculate recharge to the Edwards Aquifer, monitor any precipitation trends that may affect recharge to the Aquifer and help evaluate the effectiveness of the EAA’s Precipitation Enhancement Program.

The calibrated rain maps are generated using data from our rain gauge network. They are produced and published here monthly.

These maps are generated using data from our Rain Gauge Network.

Select the map you would like to display from the list below. The list is ordered by year. Selecting a map from the menu will open a new window to display the requested rain map.

Calibrated Rain Maps

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