Habitat Protection Measures – Edwards Aquifer Authority

Habitat Protection Measures

Comal Springs

Comal Springs ecosystem is the largest spring system in Texas as well as the southwestern United States. Its springs come from the Edwards Aquifer and are located mainly in Landa Park in New Braunfels, Texas. The system is comprised of four major spring runs that feed into Landa Lake and a large number of smaller springs present in Landa Lake. The springs create the largest mean discharge of any spring in the southwestern United States and ultimately the headwaters of the Comal River, the shortest river in Texas. The system exhibits near constant temperatures of about 74º F. Over the years extensive development along the lake and river banks, channel modification, and the natural variability of the springs has resulted in some biological impact.

San Marcos

The San Marcos Springs ecosystem is the second largest in Texas and has the most environmental stability and flow reliability of any spring system in the southwestern United States. This spring system has never stopped flowing in recorded history. The stability of its springflow helps support the rare flora and fauna found in Spring Lake and in the San Marcos River. Temperatures remain nearly constant year-round at about 70°F. The biological uniqueness and high degree of endemism found in Spring Lake and in the upper San Marcos River can be attributed to its stable temperatures and clear water. Along the San Marcos River, construction and residential development continues to occur, although historically to a lesser degree than along the Comal River.

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