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Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP)

In early 2013, the Edwards Aquifer Habitat Conservation Plan (EAHCP) was officially approved and the implementation process began.



Dealing With Drought

With Texas in the grips of a major drought, water conservation practices are more important now than ever.



Edwards Aquifer: Take One

A film about the Edwards Aquifer for high school students, produced by high school students. From Say Si Media Arts and the EAA.



How the Aquifer Works

Brent Doty, our Senior Education Coordinator, presents the Edwards Aquifer 3D Groundwater Model, plus features



Discovering the Edwards Aquifer: The Texas Blind Salamander

The Texas Blind Salamander is of considerable scientific interest due to its uniqueness─its only known habitat is the Edwards Aquifer in the San Marcos area. The Texas Blind Salamander is listed as endangered by USFWS and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
Copyright: Lee Smith, TPWD.



Edwards Aquifer Sinkhole

Valdina Farms Sinkhole (also known as Seco Sinkhole). Located in western Medina County, Texas, within the Balcones Fault Zone and the recharge zone of the Edwards Aquifer. A sinkhole is a circular depression in a karst area―Seco Sinkhole measures 10 m diameter (entrance) by 44 m deep (vertical shaft).



Drop Inside The Edwards Aquifer

Drop Inside the Edwards Aquifer” and explore an unfamiliar world hidden deep beneath the earth’s surface as computer animation, video footage, and still photography reveal the mysteries of our fascinating aquifer system.

Follow the journey of water as rain falls and flows from high atop the Edwards Plateau, submerges below the earth’s surface, and then resurfaces through springs in San Marcos. Along the way, you’ll discover the hydrology and geology of a complex underground system and encounter some of the unique species that make this natural resource home. The Edwards Aquifer supplies water to nearly two million people in south central Texas and provides habitat to a number of threatened and endangered species.

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